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The Difference...

Crafting Timeless Memories

Tina Murray, Your Photographer for 'Real Moments' and Authentic Celebrations.


  • Capture the Moments: Tina's skill goes beyond taking photos; she captures the emotions and details that made your day so truly special.

  • Professionalism Matters: She brings not just a camera but a wealth of experience, and knowledge, plus her commitment to high-quality work.

  • Storytelling through Images: Like a skilled storyteller, Tina weaves a narrative through her photos, turning your wedding album into a captivating story.

What Clients Think...


Zoe M.

She has a great personality! She put me at ease, helped me pose in a way that brought out my personality and I had so much fun! 


Ciara R.

She did my engagement photos. I love them so much and I love how I look! I can't wait for her to do our wedding photos! 


Angelica V.

My graduation photoshoot experience with Tina was amazing! I was so nervous at first because I'm such a shy person. She put me at ease, and I love my photos!


Hiring a Photographer Can Be Scary

Invest in Your Memories: Tina emphasizes the importance of hiring based on skill and professionalism, not just price. Your wedding photos are an investment for a lifetime.

Technical Expertise Assured: Beyond artistic flair, Tina's technical expertise ensures flawless photos, navigating different lighting situations and using top-notch equipment.

Reliability You Can Trust: Hiring Tina means paying for reliability; she ensures no important moment is missed, being where she needs to be at the right time.

– Khalyia Lawson

Tina and her assistant were great! They made what is usually a very awkward experience for me a time I really enjoyed. Her communication was appreciated, and we loved all the pictures!


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Tip: Don’t put this important task off. The best photographers often get booked 9-12 months in advance.

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