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About me
Though i'm really all about you! :)

"I live in the beautiful desert of Tucson, Arizona.  It's beautiful here, and love it! but, I'm also available to travel anywhere in the world to photograph your wedding!

Getting the perfect picture takes work

I trained with the world-renowned wedding photographer Scott Robert Lim.  I've spent countless hours learning and perfecting my craft.

In addition to insights into the art and technology of wedding photography, he taught me to be prepared for whatever unexpected needs or situations might come up. 


Scott Robert Lim and me! 

_DSC1029 (2).jpg

Every special event is so unique.
Each has its own purpose, theme, cast of fascinating characters, and timeline of precious moments

I love capturing those moments to be treasured for a long, long, time. They may be gone, and the memory fades, but what made each so meaningful has been carefully recorded and preserved.

I love to shoot weddings.
To help you remember the richness of the experience, including the poignant little details that are so often lost.

Big or small weddings, I work with my couples to help them every step of the way to ensure they get the photos they want.


You don't have to worry about how to pose, or making shot lists, I do it all for you! I make suggestions and find out who you are as a couple. I want you to look back at your photos and say, "Tina really captured who we truly are!"


Capturing the real you in a portrait.
I love it when people let their guard down and reveal what makes them so special. 

I want to capture your daughter's cute little quirk in her smile on her first day of kindergarten and capture it again, when she graduates from high school...

 I love the eccentricities that highlight what's so delightful about each person.  That is why I focus so much energy on bringing it out for all to see.



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